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Zenvo ST1 A High Performance Supercar


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The Zenvo ST1 is an aggressive type of car which an attractive and adorable look. It is like a super vehicle with a very high performance. The motor was manufactured by the Company with a name Danish Zenvo. It looks like a sports vehicle which can run at a greater speed than others. Surely, you want to ride in this wonderful car. The Zenvo ST1 is given a name to be a super car. The motor earns every compliment because the reliability and the design of the car is a remarkable one. There is one issue that is with a Zenvo is the top gearing. The top speed gearing may create some issue. Nonetheless, the automobile is a complete package of the exciting ride with a smooth flow of runs.


The history of the vehicle is fairly simple. It is manufactured by the Danish Company and the small team working on it. The company was founded by the person with a name Troels Vollertsen. The Zenvo was first founded in the year 2004 and the first prototype was completed in the year 2008. The construction of this wonderful vehicle is started in the year 2009 and from those only 15 cars were built, which is very less in number.


The car is a turbo type with a supercharged and turbo charged is attached to the 6.8 liter engine and able to generate the horsepower of 1104. Wow, isn’t this is amazing? Yes, it is.

Zenvo ST1 engine Zenvo ST1 engine

The engine generates around 1430 Nm power with a 4500 RPM torque. The motor is designed to run on a longer route and can travel at the rates of seconds from one place to another. The motor can pick the speed from 0-100 km per hour is only 3 seconds. For the speed of 200 km per hour the vehicle will take only 8.9 seconds. That is the record speed to reach the 200 km/h in very less time.

The vehicle is hand made and the high performance CNC router comes really handy. The ST-1 is also available with a keyless entry and also with a satellite navigation. The seat of the Zenvo ST1 is electrically adjustable and the seat is made up of leather.

The design of the motor is a unique design created by the Danish company itself. The body of the car is the carbon fiber. The brakes, control of the vehicle, gauges, gas tank and the other equipment in the car makes it an exceptional piece to drive.


The cost of this wonderful car is expected to be very high and rightly so because of the wonderful and amazing features. The list price of this remarkable automobile is 660,000 pounds. The prices quoted in the DKK are about 16 million for the Zenvo ST1. The automobile manufactured by the Company has been very limited just 15 and they are all sold.

So, the motor is truly a remarkable achievement for the Danish company. The company is currently working on improving the motor by producing and working on some innovative and advanced technologies.

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