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Volvo V70 Review, Engine Specs, Prices


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One of the stylish cars with exceptional features is the Volvo V70. The vehicle has an engine in front with a five door. It has the capacity to accommodate 5 people. The V70 is the name given to the motor which combines the letter V and 70. The V stands for the versatility of the automobile and the 70 is the size of the relative platform. For instance, the V70 is a much larger and bigger car than the older form of V40. Volvo V70 (4)The V70 is the charming and comfortable vehicle with anal-wheel drive estate. It is a special vehicle which built with great design and care. The style of the car and the mechanical work is remarkable. There are three generation introduced in the Volvo. The first generation started from 1996 and successfully measured the path up till 2000. The second generation is from 2000 to 2007, while, the third and the last generation is from 2007 to present.


The engine of the vehicle is quite a sturdy one. The motor is made Bi-Fuel and can work on both diesel and petrol. In the new generation the LPG of the vehicle is exceeding to about 100 liters and split the tank into two parts of about 75 liters and 12.5 liter tank. The engine is attached to underside of the motor. Because of the uneven connected engine, the motor provides greater trunk space. The engine is fitted with a 2.3 non turbo engine. The 5 speed manual transmission also makes it wonderful car with high performance speed.


Following is the specification that makes it a perfect model to purchase:

  • The engine of the car is a four cylinder turbo engine with a charged diesel.
  • The front wheel and the number of cylinders which is 4.
  • The total displacement of the Volvo V70 is 1969 cc and the engine stroke and windbag is 93.2mm and 82mm correspondingly.
  • The horsepower of the motor is 120 HP and also the max engine power is 3750 RPM.
  • The Torque of the Volvo is 280 Nm and the Fuel type is both Diesel.

The Volvo is a complete designed by the well crafted car with internal and external care. Simply, it is a complete model that one should likely to have.

Volvo V70 (5)VOLVO V70 PRICES

The price of the car is very reasonable as compared to the other vehicles. The international price of this amazing and stylish automobile is range from 25000 to 35000 pounds. This is the best selling price and the automobile deserving this because of the classic performance and the consistency. Simply saying, that you have to initiate a vehicle to know it entirely. So, purchase one of the best models of the Volvo V70 and rest assured that the performance and quality will be an exceptional one. The third generation is the best among other versions and provides you the best service.

So, buy the car V70 now and you will buy the space, comfort and power in one automobile. For sure you will not regret yourself later with this fascinating and exciting version of the Volvo.

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