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Volkswagen Tiguan SUV Review


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The Volkswagen Tiguan is one of the most convenient and comfortable to drive. With its compact vehicle that is manufactured specially by the German company and the PQ 35 platform. Moreover, it has the two rows for the purpose of seating and also consists of a four cylinder engine. The concept of the vehicle is introduced in the year 2006 by the Tiguan and it debuted at the Los Angeles Auto show. The motor production started in the year 2007 with a Frankfurt motor show and then in the season of winter the Volkswagens began to manufacture.

Volkswagen Tiguan (9)DESIGN

The design of the automobile is always being a major concerned when purchasing any type of car. However, with the Volkswagen Tiguan, you can feel relaxed because of the distinctive and innovative design with the amazing inside and outside features. The frames of the motor are an iconic one and attached with a four striking chrome bar, which is attached horizontally to it. The front elegant accentuates of the motor is a strong lateral stance for the protection.


The wheel of the automobile is made up of an Alloy. They are very stylish and alloy wheel sets a very good standard in an international market the design of the wheel is a perfect one which gave it a look of sporting. The wheel has an 118TSI that are 16 inches in size and made up of Portland alloy. The wheel is also available in the 17 inches size Philadelphia alloys. The model and performance of the 18 inch Mallory alloys are the best among all others.

Volkswagen Tiguan engineVOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN ENGINE

This is a type of a vehicle which has a powerful engine. The car is really an exceptional model to drive comfortably and without any fear. The reviews of the engine are a remarkable one and since the producing of the Volkswagen Tiguan it has gained a lot of reputation. The Petrol and diesel engine is available in this mini truck. The petrol engine has a different range of capacity in it. The petrol engine of the Powertrain ranges from 1.4 L to 2.0 L and the PS ranges from 90 KW to 147 KW. There is also the diesel engine attached to the motor. The diesel engine comes in only 2.0 L and the PS of the engine vary from 81 KW to 125 KW. The transmission speed of the motor is 6 speeds manual and automatic and also available is a seven speed dual clutch.


The prices of the Volkswagen Tiguan are a bit higher than expected. However, the automobile is really an exceptional one and deserve the price. The price of the Wagon ranges from $ 26,255 to $ 39, 625. The price always depends on the overall specification of the vehicle and the type of engine and design. The motor is available in a variety of features and surely you will love to drive and buy this amazing car.

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