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Volkswagen Golf Review


Volkswagen Golf (8)

The Volkswagen golf is basically a small family car produced by a German manufacturer “Volkswagen” in 1974. It has been marketed worldwide through seven generations with a variety of nameplates and different body designs. In the United States and Canada, it was as the Volkswagen Rabbit whereas Volkswagen caribe in Mexico. The Golf is basically Volkswagen best selling model in the world up till yet with over 29 million built already.

Volkswagen Golf (3)More about Volkswagen golf:

From basic personal cars to high performance hot cars, Volkswagen car has crammed numerous market segments and has won many awards throughout in its history. Also, the VW Golf has had quite a few generations that made electric city super model. These vehicles are used and are popular in Europe and a few in Great Britain too. The gasoline engine is used to hold up the electric heating system when outside temperatures are low.

Note: Volkswagen golf was designed with considerations to user satisfaction.

Volkswagen Golf (4)VOLKSWAGEN GOLF – Specifications:

Its innovative Golf blue e motion concept has a wide range of 150km. It has lithium-ion battery pack and is motorized by electric motor which drives the front wheel a single speed transmission. The production of vehicles intended for retail clients began in March 2014.The Golf GTE is a plug hybrid version which came in 2014 .It has a larger battery pack. With only one button you can activate all electric modes. The golf GTE has a peak speed of 217km/h. The Volkswagen Golf are among the models that are included in September 2015, in which Volkswagen manufactured and installed in their best diesel vehicles a software program that could manipulate the controls during the testing. Its price is up to $ 20,000.

The seventh Iteration of the Volkswagen golf is the best one yet, providing everything. With a heavy structure, the ride constantly feels rock-solid and controlled. Volkswagen Golf receptive steering feels extra contentment to drive. A 170 and 1.8 litre four pairs with a standard five speed manual a six speed automatic is optional .There a huge cars, but only few can offer additional satisfaction. It is hardly a bombshell that the Golf was the UKs fourth bestselling car in 2015.The fresh version of Sport Wagen offers the most engaging experience of diesel. All Volkswagen cars are enthusiastic in driving.

Volkswagen Golf InteriorVolkswagen Golf  Interior

 Volkswagen Golf engine   Volkswagen Golf engine viewVolkswagen Golf (5)

Volkswagen Golf (6)Volkswagen Golf rear

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Volkswagen Golf front and rear view

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