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Ford Shelby Mustang Review


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The Shelby Mustang is a good and a high performance vehicle. It is a product of a Ford Mustang and was built by a Shelby American. The Mustang was introduced in the year 1965 and since then there are a number of models that were built.


The motor is a perfect model to drive a long way and can cover a long distance in a very minor time. A Shelby Mustang was considered to run effortlessly and continuously. The specification of the Mustang models is the front engine with a 4 passenger seat and also the 2 entrance coupe. The control that the normal Shelby Mustang generate is 540 hp and the Torque is about 693 Nm. Wow, isn’t the vehicle is an astonishing one. Yes, it is. The 330 CID displacements involved with it, which makes it a 5408 cc and also attached a 6 speed manual transmission. The motor has a proportion of 3.65 and have an Alcoa wheel in it. It is an exclusive Goodyear super car tires that measure in size as 18 x 9.5 inch. The front and the back tires have a different number allocate with version.


The wonderful new generation vehicle is on the corner with a name 2016 GT350. It has been confirmed that the automobile will be a treat to watch the car featuring a 5.2 Liter with a flat plane and the engine attached is V8. The auto consists of a Horsepower of 500 and has a Torque of around 400 ft. There are lots of noticeable features in the GT 350 and that is the reason that people are waiting desperately to see this lovely piece of expansion from Shelby. The focused on the automobile is mainly on the track, irrespective of the focused of GT 500 and other prominent cars. The structures like, chassis, aerodynamics, track focused, light weight, diffusion speed, Recaro places, radiators and other will be a highlight point of this automobile.

Shelby Mustang (3)Surely, there will be no better vehicle to drive than the 2016 GT350 Shelby Mustang. The release of this is on the corner and it would be a superb one. The mass of the vehicle is very low, bearing in mind the fact that she will run very fast on the track like a highway or expressway. The carbon strengthened radiators are attached with it that makes it a direct channel of the cooling and also for the various components.

So, if you are looking to buy a fast track car with a real focus and the great speed. Then, assuredly the 2016 GT350 Mustang is for you and you should avail it on the first instant after the release.


The prices of the car vary with the model. The new model price is not revealed yet, but it is expected that it would be a very high one. However, the previous version vehicle of the Shelby Mustang GT 500 has a starting price of $ 120,000 and varies with the specification of the overall auto.

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