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Renault Twingo Review, Specs, Prices, Pictures


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The blooming city car is the new model launched by RENAULT in collaboration with Daimler in 2014. The new RENAULT TWINGO III comes with some mouthwatering features which make us get intrigued to know it and to own it. It did its debut in Genova Motor Show and won the award in UK titles as “City Car of the Year” and as “The Best City Car” in The Daily Express. It has got much appreciation in UK as well as Britain. RENAULT’s history is though a little unstable in Britain yet it was a great hit in Europe but this third generation model hails with a rare engine layout. It has achieved a four star rating in EURO NCAP (2014) test rating.

Renault Twingo (3)RENAULT TWINGO – Specification:

Car Specifications:

  • RENAULT TWINGO a 1149cc city car.
  • The engine is 1.0 SCe (70 Hp) start & stop.
  • Engine torque is 91 Nm.
  • Renault Twingo has a 35Litre Fuel capacity.
  • 3 in-line cylinders are provided.
  • It has the remote locking system.
  • The car comes with AUX, Bluetooth facility.
  • RENAULT TWINGO has a power of 52kW with a top speed of 151km per hour.
  • It is a five door car differing from the previous three door models and has four seats.

Some of the other features that it offers are:Renault Twingo (5)

  • RENAULT TWINGO doesn’t offer you diesel option but no doubt it doesn’t make us feel its need. Less petrol consuming engine doesn’t cost much to run.
  • The Hatchback TWINGO is a rear wheel drive which also gives a day time LED to add EX to its beauty.
  • Users are given the option of three-cylinder petrol engines: a 1.0-litre with 69bhp which claims 0-62mph in 14.5 seconds or an 89bhp turbocharged 0.9-litre that promises a time of 10.8 seconds.
  • Both of its variants consist of a manual gear box. In its standard variant five-speed option is given whereas in turbo the users are given six speed gear box along with a twin-clutch automatic as an option.
  • Breaks are in a form of drum at rear and as a ventilated disk from front.
  • To provide safety to its users it has four air bags, four head and chest bags. Seat belt alert is also included.


RENAULT TWINGO price starts from £9,500. It has further four variants. The top variant is the Dynamique S TCe which ranges up to £13,500. This car really gives value to your money and various options for personalizing. Used TWINGO is available in the price range of £4,900 – £6,000. The car is rocking the city already!

Renault Twingo InteriorRenault Twingo Interior

Renault Twingo engine Renault Twingo engine  Renault Twingo (4)  Renault Twingo (6)Renault Twingo Side view

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Renault Twingo (8)Renault Twingo Drive

Renault Twingo (9)Renault Twingo Pictures

Renault Twingo (10)Renault Twingo Sport look

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