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Porsche 918 Specs, Prices, Pictures


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Porsche 918 is one of the best and stylish types of vehicles that is readily used by the professional drivers. It is clearly a Hybrid sports vehicle that has the Spyder and is aspirated with a 4.6 liter engine. Porsche 918 (4)The Porsche 918 is a very successful car and the latest version will be an adorable feature for sure. The fashionable design with the innovative look is really an exceptional part of these wonderful Porsche and the rating is very high as compared to other brands. Porsche is an exotic looking motor and the experts spend about millions of dollars to space the engine, reliability, performance and consistency of the car. Without any doubt, the Porsche automobile is one of the best in the World and also a very expensive car. However, this motor vehicle worth every penny and for sure the people will admire the beauty of the new version as did in the past.

Porsche 918 enginePORSCHE 918 ENGINE

The engine is always a big deal in an automobile and represents a change in the model. The Porche 918 is a fabulous and outstanding motor which have a 400 HP V8 and have an 11 second station wagon and exotic things for everyone. The engine of the Porsche 928 consists of a mid-type engine and designed especially with a concerned of sports car. It has a capacity of 4.6 liter and have a V8 engine with a horsepower of 608. The vehicle is filled with an additional electric motor that is used to create extra horsepower of about 279. The Porsche is also attached to a well connected lithium ion battery that have an electronic range of about 12 miles. The motor can reach to the speed of about 210 mph, which is approximately equal to 340 km/h.

Porsche 918 (6)PORSCHE 918 PRICES

The production of such types of vehicle is very rapid, but the demand is also very high. The Porsche is always a limited edition car which is manufactured with great care. The new 2015 model will be an amazing one in the history of the Porsche and for sure it will be the most expensive car among all the other cars. The starting price of the automobile estimated is about $ 847,000. This is very expensive for a simple person and won’t be affordable. However, if you can afford this wonderful featured vehicle, then surely you won’t need any other for sure.

Porsche 918 (5)Porsche 918 pictures


The major factor in the Porsche automobile is the pleasing ability to be in a stable position. The motor has a 16,000 RPM and can be disengaged at 165 mph speed. So, at high speed the Porsche 918 has a great grip on the road. You can change direction with an ease and the bearing of the center of gravity have the roll and dive of blocks on it. This supports the vehicle and generates the necessary friction to stop from rotating.

So, looking forward to buy the wonderful sports car with an astonishing convenience? Then there is no other automobile better than the Porsche. The motor is very comfortable and if you can afford it, then go for it without any second thought.

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