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PEUGEOT 206 Specifications, Engine, Offers, Price


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When it comes to car lovers who get addicted to cars based on their performance in general, there is nothing quite enthralling as Peugeot 206. It was produced by a French auto maker between 1998 to 2006. Considered to be one of the best selling cars of all the time, the four-wheel piece of art is the marvelous example of smart human engineering and designing. And not only this, the car has also earned a place in the index of the world’s best affordable cars due to its high efficiency, superior quality and a unique design at low rates. A design that can make sure that the owners of the cars had a smooth ride even in the most tough circumstances.

PEUGEOT 206 (3)PEUGEOT 206 – Specifications:

With a proven mechanical specification Peugeot 206 includes engines transmissions and suspension.

Fact* Peugeot 206 has been the best seller in the world since it first appeared in 1997 because of its stylish looks and ergonomic.*

Peugeot 206 offers:

  • Anti lock brakes,
  • Front headlights that are adjustable and a CD player with other equipments that are required.
  • Its engine type is 4 cylinders in-line and its capacity is 1400.
  • Peugeot was formerly launched as a hatchback with 1.4L, 1.6L, and 1,1L petrol engine with 1.9 diesel engines.
  • The windscreen is extremely big and the view that comes from behind the wheel is panoramic.
  • Its door style is remarkable and the level of styling is quite detailed.
  • It has enormous side mirrors.
  • The doors open wide and are elongated and have a metallic clang.
  • Furthermore, drink holder is in the glove box lid.
  • This car also contains side air bags for both the front passengers and the driver.

What more does it offer?

  • A dashboard with buttons offering climate control display while you can also find joysticks for mirrors and electric window control down between the seats.
  • In front of the driver’s seat are the stylish dials which incorporate an engine oil indicator and a LCD digital display.
  • It also has alloy spare wheel that is stored under the car.

PEUGEOT 206 (4)PEUGEOT 206 – Price:

The Peugeot 206 attracts attention wherever it goes. People smile and gesticulate, others look intently in wonderment. Its price is nearly $ 7000 to $ 9000. It is classy, economical, convenient, capable, high-speed and outstanding around the corners. It costs more but there bounty of equipment in the car that justify the price and without a doubt it is the best sporty car.

 PEUGEOT 206 interior   PEUGEOT 206 interior

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