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Nissan Murano Review, Specs, Prices, and Pictures


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The Nissan Murano is a vehicle that everybody love to have. The auto like this is just a dream come true and it has the ability to compete with the World good automobiles. It is a mid size car and now too big in size and it is introduced in the year 2002 with a model of 2003. The brand that introduced the Murano is the Nissan and it is the first SUV for the US and also from the Canada. The first generation of the Nissan is based entirely on then designed of the La Jolla from California and FFL platform. It is the first time that the Altima is used in the auto.


There are about three generations introduced up till yet in the Nissan Murano. However, the best and the latest model of the Murano is the third. This is the best model in terms of engine, performance, reliability and the speed.The comfort of the auto is an exceptional one. The 2015 generation of the Nissan was enthused by the Resonance Concept; the 2013 Detroit auto show plays a vital role in terms of display.  The design of the automobile is more like a floating roof with a trademark fixture of light and the wonderful engineering work of tone down motion with an updated infotainment and the security system.


The engine of the vehicle has proven to be better among all the other generation of 2015 Nissan. The series VQ is attached with it and have a 3.5 liter V6 engine. The horsepower of the motor is 260 with a V6 and have an improved and innovative CVT. The cover on the interior and the exterior is nicely applied with a leather coating. That is the reason that the Murano is known to be the best for a quiet and composed ride.


The prices of the Nissan Murano are considered to be a reasonable one. The range of such automobile varies from $ 28,530 to $ 39,590. The highest price of the automobile is the best among all with a LE AWD. One should have this wonderful car in the home to drive. The motor is smooth while driving and provide you with extra comfort. The motor usually serves a mum family, but have the capacity to accommodate a big one as well. No wonder, why people love the Nissan Murano, as it has the incredible comfort features. So, if you are looking forward to buy a new motor? Then bring your attention toward the well-crafted, engineered, automatic and high performance auto.


The features of the vehicle are a remarkable one and there are lots of them to define. However, there are few highlights points that are important to know:

  • It consists of a Bluetooth with an audio streaming and a wonderful engine of a capacity of 3.5 liter and 24 valves.
  • The intelligent hey in the motor by Nissan is introduced and the 18 inch aluminum alloy wheel makes it even better.
  • The dual system of zone, which is used to control the temperature.

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