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Mercedes CL1 Review, Specs, Prices, Pics


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Mercedes-Benz manufactured its first automobile in 1885. It is basically a division of Daimler AG which is a German based Company. It is famous for designing various truck, motors and luxury cars. However, it has taken an important role in the development of cars (only) since the production of baby A-Class, M-Class SUV and SLK sports car.

Mercedes CL1 (3)More about Mercedes CL1:

The Mercedes-Benz CL1 is a part of various other models of C class with compact executive. Mercedes’ C-Class stands out due to its fluid design, a wide array of high-tech features and more generous dimensions. These cars are known mostly for its prestige and luxury; it has significantly expanded its range in recent years though, offering both performance and luxury at an affordable rates. And for those who are interested in purchasing a faster version of the C-Class then tire-shredding and fire-breathing Mercedes-AMG C63 can be the right choice. Remember, every C-Class gets a 7-speed automatic gear with available paddle shifters.

Mercedes has pushed itself and has moved C line up a notch on the marketplace to differentiate it from the previous similarly-sized CLA.

Mercedes CL1 (4)MERCEDES CL1 -Specifications:

  • Mercedes CL1 width is 5ft. 9.7 inches and its height is 4 ft. 8.3 inches.
  • Mercedes CL1 engine uses gas for fuelling and its capacity is 15-16 gallons.
  • It has a HORSEPOWER of up to 228 hp at 6000 rpm. And is as efficient as you would have liked.
  • You can also have your CL1 in rear- or all-wheel-drive configuration and in coupe or sedan layout.

Mercedes CL1 also offers:

  • Technology that allows the vehicle to drive itself in a traffic jam or on the highway.
  • The four seats in Mercedes car including the driver seat can rotate inward to allow the travelers to have face to face talk in a lounge like setting.
  • The seats rotate twist outward when the doors are opened so that people can come out of the car easily.
  • It also provides six display screens in the panel. All of these can be controlled by motion, touch and eye tracking.
  • The car also has color changing LED beam that glows blue if the c­­ar drives itself and white if it is driven by the driver

. Indeed this is one of the best designed cars by Mercedes.


Mercedes CL1’s current price is round about £25,050.00.

Mercedes CL1 interiorMercedes CL1 interior

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