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LaFerrari Limited edition Hybrid


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In the series of astonishing sports coupe the name of LAFerrari is at top. It is an amazing hybrid sports car developed by a popular Italian car maker namely Ferrari. This coupe is equipped with fantastic features which is unbeatable by other famous brands.

LaFerrari (1)LaFerrari Specifications:

LaFerrari offers you with the highest power output with low fuel consumption of just 40%. Talking about the internal specifications of the car, the car features combustion engine i.e. Ferrari F140 65° V12 with a 6.3 liter capacity producing 800 PS (588 kW, 789 bhp). The car offers with CO2 emissions of 330g/km. The engine is connected to a 7- speed dual clutch transmission. The engine is mid rear mounted. Moreover, it features carbon-ceramic Brembo discs on the front of about 398 mm and rear of 380 mm. The car gives you access to a number of electronic controls including great performance ABS/EBD (anti-lock braking system/electronic brake distribution), ESC stability control, EF1-Trac F1 electronic traction control along with the hybrid system, E-Diff 3 third generation electronic differential, active aerodynamics for effective performance and SCM-E Frs magneto rheological damping with twin solenoids (Al-Ni tube).

LaFerrari engineLaFerrari engine

LaFerrari Performance:

Through driving this car, you can reach up to 100km/h in just 3 seconds. This car is faster than any other road legal car. The car allows you to access four interesting driving modes which include Qualify which allow you to have ideal performances while covering short distance, Long Run which allow you to achieve best performance on long distance, Fast Charge which allows you to charge your battery at a faster rate and Manual Boost. It has its own performance which is incomparable by any other famous branded vehicle. The speed and pickup of this vehicle is truly astounding.

LaFerrari (3)LaFerrari Design:

The design of this car is amazing and quite impressive. Talking about its design, the car’s front features a large splitter and twin-profile spoiler. The headlights of the car are quite small for enhanced aerodynamics. Coming towards the rear end, it has a higher tail. A mobile spoiler with a tailfin and a small wing in the end of each fin is also featured in this car. In short, designers of Ferrari are famous for making remarkable structures of that coupe. Not even single person could live without saying prestigious word about Ferrari designs.

LaFerrari (2)LaFerrari Price and Availability:

This amazing car is available at $1,416,362 only. Moreover, till now the car is available in the market in red color only. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the newest Ferrari car model, Ferrari LAFerrari 2015.


There is no doubt that, Ferrari is a symbol of speed and gigantic designs, if you want some sporty vehicle than this would be your perfect choice. Because the price is not too high for vehicle like Ferrari, in this year you can see LAFerrari in recognized outlets around you. Do not waste your time; grab your favorite color before it’s too late.

   LaFerrari interiorLaFerrari interior

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