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Honda Accord Since 1976


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The Honda Accord has been known for producing some exciting series since 1976. Without any doubt, the Honda automobile is known throughout the World for its integrity, safety, structure, performance and prices. The Honda is one of the finest trade cars in the USA.


The first generation of the car was introduced in the year 1976. It is a motor with a hatchback three door and have a 93.7 inch wheelbase. The weight of the motor is about 2000 pounds. Honda Accord (4)The Honda is a Japanese multinational Company, which enhanced their scope of work. The accord is also very popular at the start because of its moderate size and the fuel efficiency. This is one of the most renown inventions of Japanese and they are now well settled in the automobile business.


With the Honda you can feel a relief because the vehicle is safe enough for a lengthier route. The assurance of the Company towards the safety of the driver is the precedence. It guards the drivers and the passengers from an upheaval situation that may happen during the trip. The new Honda Accord model of 2015 is designed with such tools and instruments that it ensures full safety of the driver, passengers and also the pedestrians.


The Accord is designed by the Honda. The company has already produced some of the World most spectacular automobile. There is no doubt on their ability and skills to make a wonderful car and the Honda Accord 2013 is a perfect example of an innovative and advanced feature engine. The manufacturing took place in the year 2013 and the model year is 2014 to present. The vehicle is a full size with a 4 door sedan and associated to the 2014 Honda accord Hybrid.

The CVT transmission is attached to a motor and also the lithium battery of 6.7 kWh. The engine is a very powerful one and have a 4 cylinders rated at an average of 185 HP and the torque of around 245 NM. The continuously variable transmission is attached to the automobile that produce six speeds manual and also the hybrid Powertrain that is of 2 liter gasoline engine. The gasoline engine is attached to an electric motor.

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It is fair enough in view of a vehicle that the prices should be high. Nevertheless, the Honda Accord has a past of producing some cheap and also expensive cars. It depends on the type of person and the balance that is available to you. So, the automobile is no doubt an expensive one and the Honda Accor hybrid is an exclusive one. If you have the balance, then buy today the wonderful Accord 2015. This is a very comfortable car with a capacity of 5 people. It can run in a very less time to journey’s end. People can use the carriage for the sports purpose. The price of the car is $ 29,305. The charge is fairly high for an intermediate class, but one thing for certain that the car worth every penny of it.

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