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Ferrari 360 Is One of The Most Reliable Car


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The Ferrari is known to produce some of the World fastest and the most popular cars. No doubt that’s why the prices of these cars are talking with a sky. One The Ferrari 360 is a car that consists of only two seats and it is mostly known as the sports car because of its speed, look and design. There are a plenty of models emerged in the past years like, 360 Modena and 360 Spider. However, the fastest and the highest performance car is later introduced with a name Challenge Stradale. The car builds with extra care and the weight reduction of the car is incredible. He power improvements, aerodynamics and the track focused on the car is of the highest quality.

Ferrari 360 engineENGINE OF THE FERRARI 360

The engine of the Ferrari 360 is modeled with great care and the features of the car are outstanding. Following is the point that indicates the layout of the 360 engine:

  • The number of cylinders of the car is moved to 90 degrees with V8 F1310-00.
  • The bore and the stroke of the car measured to 85 by 79 mm.
  • The redline of the car is 8700 RPM, which is really fast.
  • The displacement of the car is 3586 cc which is approximately equal to 219 cubic inches.

Ferrari 360 (10)FERRARI 360 PERFORMANCE

The performance and the speed of the car is comparatively very high. The power of the car is about 410 bhp @ 8500 RPM. Moreover, the torque of the car is also very powerful one with a figure of 286 Ib-ft and can able to travel a distance of 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. The top speed of the Ferrari 360 is 185 mph. The dry and wet weight of the car is 1169 and 1250 respectively.

Ferrari 360 (11)FERRARI 360 PRICE

The price of the car always depends upon the engine, performance, consistency, toughness and the speed of the car. The Ferrari 360 is a popular car and have all the required features that are required in any car or can say specially in sports cars. Sports car is difficult to design, but Ferrari is known to the specialist in this area. He price of the Ferrari 360 including different model ranges from 199,990 pounds to 53,500 pounds. The performance and the speed of the car depends on the amount of money spend on it.


Talking about the weights, the Ferrari 360 is known to the light weight car. While driving you can feel a very light weight and the controls of the car is a remarkable one. The quickness and the noises of the parts are remarkably very easy to live with. The trunk of the car is spacious and it is even better known than the World renown car Porsche’s.

So, this is the most wonderful and the best emerging car that has the highest buying and returning values. The people love to by the Ferrari 360 because of its extraordinary features. The car is expensive, but for sure you don’t need anything else than Ferrari. The Ferrari car is a wonderful car with all the features and a very fast car with complete consistency.

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