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Dodge Ram Pickup Truck Review


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The dodge ram is a car that is particularly known for its toughness and the proven capability. The standard of the cars is excellent and the engine of the car is an exceptional one with a very high performance. Talking about the class and reliability, the dodge ram is an exclusive Eco design car with a V6 ram.


The ram or the dodge car is a full size truck manufactured by the specialist of US with a name LLC. In the year 2010, the car is being sold in the name of Ram truck brand, though, the ram was used as a term, first in the year 1981. The name of the series later changed to the Dodge D series. Not only the name but also the performance of the dodge truck changed significantly. The restructured ram is much more powerful and also very comfortable.


There are lots of versions of the dodge cars, however, the latest one is the Ram. The am  having an incredible forward leaning grille on the front with an available projector and also the LED taillamps with beautiful design of wheel that will capture the interest of any car lover. If you intend to have a perfect car, then the dodge ram 1500 has a perfect design both internally and externally. The interior of the car is filled with an exceptional material, like, Laramie longhorn finishes, that is known to be the top 10 finishes in the World. The internal of the car consist of a lovely and shining ambient sapphire lighting features with a 7 inch long display and 6 gauges of the tool cluster. The dodge cars are the most valuable car when talking about the aerodynamics. The beautiful and aggressive type work which leans forward with the bold hood bulge is a very heavy and a fully operational aerodynamic example. The steel, chrome is attached to the car that makes it a very high strength bumper with a combined 4 inch twin chrome exhaust tips.


The dodge ram car is a wonderful car with a big type and strong body. One can expect the high price for such valuable item. Depend upon the fuel, engine and the storage capacity of the car, the lowest price of the dodge ram 1500 is about $22,095 and the highest price of the car advance up to around $40,000 and more.

Dodge Ram engineDODGE RAM ENGINE

As it is an award winning car, the capacity of the car is exceptional.  The Ram 1500 has the best capacity among others and provide with a powerful and adaptable specification with a 3.6 liter Pentastar V6 Eco diesel engine. The capacity is needed to be very important when considering a car and the transmission speed is the active level of any car. With the dodge ram 1500, you can get a 8 speed automatic transmission and air suspension system is separated from all this. The diesel engine is attached to a car and it’s very light in weight. The engine operates at a speed of 240 horsepower and provide a highway fuel economy of about 35 mpg. Surely, the cylinder block and the graphite iron are an amazing work that has a durability of a strong and reliable car with reduction system and exhaust fluid.

Dodge Ram (3)Isn’t the dodge Ram car is a remarkable one? Yes, surely it is one of the cars that people love to buy. The manufacturing of the car, performance, design, capacity, technology and the specification is truly an exceptional one in a car and that is the reason that why this car is so popular throughout the World.

   Dodge Ram interiorDodge Ram interior

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