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Chrysler 300 – Full-Size Luxury Sedan


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Are you looking to buy a full size luxury car with an exceptional features? Then there is none better than the Chrysler 300. The vehicle is known throughout the World and the performance is outstanding. The concept of the motor is first introduced in the year 2003 in a show with a name New York Auto show. Since then it has gained a lot of reputation. The two generations of the Chrysler 300 really make their mark in an international Globe. The design of the automobile is given by the person with a name Ralph Gilles and the model with a number SRT-8 is built for advanced performance. The Chrysler has all the features that a good auto should have. The components of the 300 is derived from the best vehicle W211 Mercedes Benz. It comprises of the works like, rear holdup design, navigation column, and forward-facing seat and also the wiring harnesses.

Chrysler 300 engineCHRYSLER 300 BEST STABLE ENGINE

The motor is considered best for any purpose. No matter it is for the racing or for the household, the truck will serve the purpose to its boundary. The machine of the Chrysler 300 is a marvelous work of engineering. It has a 3518 cc V6 engine with a horsepower of around 250 hp. The torque of this model is 340 Nm and have a 5 speed transmission with a better configuration.


The automobile is very good when we talk in terms of specification and precision. The motor has a wonderful aluminium wheels which are 17 inches in size and also with a leather work on it and the FM player with a CD player is available within the vehicle. There is also an ESP system and the audio jack with a leather seat and the keyless access. The auto was renamed to be Touring plus and the redesigned was introduced in the year 2011. The body type is quite a sedan and the style is exceptional with a station wagon. Such series is considered to be the highlighted feature of the Chrysler 300.

Chrysler 300 (2)CHRYSLER 300 PRICES

The prices of the car depend on the specification and the overall beauty and design. If you intend to buy the Chryler 300 then surely you have to spend quite a lot. However, one thing is for sure, that the automobile is an amazing piece of remarkable performance and reliability. There is none better than to purchase the new model of Chrysler. The prices of the Chrysler 300 varies from $31,395 to $48,900. The difference between the performance and the engine is the main reason is the big differences in the prices.

Chrysler 300 (1)Chrysler 300 SRT8

The most expensive auto in the Chrysler is the SRT8. The SRT8 deserve the applet and the admiration because of its powerful engine with a 6.4 liter capacity and the V8 engine. It is a Hemi engine and can go up to 60 mph in only 4 second time. So, one should consider this as a first option because it is a new model and have an incredible feature to drive safe and with complete comfort.

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