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Bugatti Veyron Pictures, Specs, Price, Engine Performance


Bugatti Veyron (5)

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It is often said that money cannot buy happiness, but I ask you to first purchase Bugatti Veyron and then decide. Bugatti Veyron is basically one of the most expensive cars in the world, a beast that has a top speed of 252-300 miles per hour and 1,001 horsepower pumping. It reaches from 0 to 62 miles per hour within the time span of 2.5 seconds and 100 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds. So if you are passionate about cars then you can’t miss this beauty. It is truly a mind-boggling sport car that can just drive you crazy.

Bugatti Veyron (5)Bugatti Veyron – The perfect art:

It is not just a car with the best speed, rather it’s like a piece of art that is carefully designed while taking care of all the modern needs.

The makers of this car say that designing this car was the biggest challenge of not only their lives but also in the whole world of automotive industry.

Bugatti Veyron (4)BUGATTI VEYRON – Specifications:

  • Bugatti Veyron has an 8 litre W16 cylinder engine, quad-turbocharged.
  • It has ten radiators for cooling the engines inside.
  • It weighs about 4,160 lbs but it is designed in such a way that it can handle sharp turns too.
  • It has a dual clutch direct-shift gearbox which is automatically controlled by computer. Therefore, it can also be driven in a complete automatic mode or in a semi-automatic mode.
  • Its torque is 1250Nm@2200-5500rpm.
  • There are 4 valves per cylinder.
  • Bugatti Veyron width and height is 1998mm and 1204mm respectively.
  • The base of its wheel is 2710mm and the size of its tyres is 265-680 R21 500A, 365-710 R21 540A.

With regards to its comfort level Bugatti Veyron has many features. It has a facility of air conditioner supported by strong engine, power steering, remote trunk opener, remote fuel lid opener, start/stop button for engine, navigation system, adjustable seats, CD/DVD player, radio, rear and front speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, USB auxiliary input, automatic climate control, Low Fuel Warning Light, Air Quality Control, Heated Seats – Front, Trunk Light, Multi-function Steering Wheel, Cruise Control and Seat Lumbar Support.

With regards to safety, it has anti-lock braking system, central locking, driver and passenger Airbag, Side Airbag-Front, smart access card entry, automatic seat belt warning, door ajar warning, crash sensor, brake assistance, Anti-Theft Alarm and power door locks. The amazing thing about this car is that everything in it is designed from the scratch and just as perfect as you would have liked.

Bugatti Veyron (3)BUGATTI VEYRON – Price:

The base price of Bugatti grand sport is of $1,495,000(EUR) and Vitesse is of $1,695,000(EUR). Its maintenance cost is running at around $300,000 per year, if you want to keep it in a good condition.

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