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BMW M5 – Price, Photos, and Specs


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Talking about power? How could you not mention BMW M5 which now comes along with a horse power of 560. Remember, Getting luxury along with efficient performance might be hard to find but for this car it’s not tough to provide. It’s a high performing luxury sedan which gives you all you want from life. Apparently, it might look a bit decent at first but you never know the beast hidden inside. Sophisticated looks yet all hailing the tracks and succeeding in the showrooms, it comes up with intense power and performance. Watch out! There is a bad ass wolf cloaked in town you might get caught.

BMW M5 (3)BMW M5 – Specifications:

BMW M5 now provides its customers with USB function as well as Bluetooth connectivity. Another new feature is the power trunk lid.

BMW M5 interiorBMW M5 Engine:

The beast (BMW M5) has a twin turbocharged 4.4ltr V8 engine that reaches the power of 560 between 6000 to 7000 rmps. Two cylinders are installed on the sides of the twin Turbo which makes the engine even more compact. It churns out 502 lb-ft. of torque upto 680 Nano meter. It comes with a rear wheel drive armed with dual clutch giving seven speed auto transmission or six speed manual transmission. It takes 4.3 secs to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h. The two dimensioned circuits (twin turbo) cools down the engine. It gives an efficient average of consuming 9.9 liters on 100 kilometers. The engine stops automatically when the vehicle is not moving. When the foot is released from the brake paddle the engine starts again automatically. Thus, you get rid of unnecessary fuel burning, unlike what we have to deal with in other cars.

BMW M5 Exterior:

BMW M5 comes with a 19inches alloy wheels. Paint can be metallic or nonmetallic. Power folding side mirrors and Xenon Adaptive Headlights with dynamic auto-leveling, Corona headlight-rings and Cornering Lights. The aggressive bumpers at both ends say it all. The BMW M5 logo peeking through the grills alert the motorists there is something tough they gotta face.

BMW M5 interiorBMW M5 Interior:

Providing maximum comfort BMW M5 comes with a footrest for the driver and an adjustable thigh support. Also:

  • The seat can be heated up to 3 stages.
  • Floor mats are included.
  • It provides space for up to five passengers.
  • Leather seats with multi functions are equipped with articulated back support.
  • Memory systems are also provided outside the mirrors, on the steering and both of the front seats.

Other features

Some of the other features that BMW M5 includes are:

  • A button is given for starting and stopping the engine.
  • Trunk lid can be open from remote control.
  • For climate control separate controllers on both left and right side are implanted.
  • Ski bag also comes along the car.
  • Rear view camera is also provided.
  • Outside the car temperature is also shown.
  • Anti-theft alarm system is embedded.

Also, BMW M5 has the efficiency to save fuel by converting a ratio of energy (when the vehicle applies brakes) into electricity which is then stored in the battery.

BMW M5 (4)BMW M5 –  Price:

The price of this little monster is currently $113,395 MRLP. Its official company gives various packages of buying installment on 0% down payment. Indian price is 1.32 Crores.

Catch the cruise missile on the road!

     BMW M5 (5)BMW M5 silver

BMW M5 (6)BMW M5 black

BMW M5 (7)BMW M5 side view

BMW M5 (8)BMW M5 side view

BMW M5 (9)BMW M5 black with few mods

BMW M5 (10)BMW M5 Pictures

BMW M5 (11)

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