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BMW M3 Review, Specs, Pictures


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One of the most popular German automotive brands well-known for producing superb cars is BMW. This company has over the years strived hard to maintain its position among the world’s finest luxury car brands and has won many awards and appreciation from the people all around the world. To stay ahead of the competition, BMW focuses on producing vehicles that are both unique in design and can run fast. BMW M3 (8)Among some of the company’s most popular models is BMW M3. This car based on the 3 Series, tries to live up to the expectations of BMW series fans around the globe and attempts to deliver swiftness with stability just like the preceding models.

BMW M3 engineWhen it comes to the features of the car, BMW M3 has a lot in common with its successors, but this car is completely different in design. The body of the car has been upgraded to make it look even more luxurious and strong. It’s not just the bodywork the company has put great effort in, but the 4.0 liter V-8 engine of the car has also been modified to produce 400 horsepower. According to the reviews, the changes made in the engine not only allow you to stay ahead of the traffic on road but they have also increased the responsiveness making the car much easier to control.

BMW M3 (2)BMW M3 Interior

Just like other luxury cars you can expect to find a lot of cool features in your BMW M3 which includes headlamp high pressure washers’ front fog lights, emergency braking assist traction control, stability control front side-mounted airbags, Anti-lock Brake System and Dynamic Brake Control. All these useful features not only make this a very cool car to drive but they also ensure your safety.

You can only expect the best when it comes to the exterior of a BMW car. It has a strong built and some additions have been made to the new models. Although a few people have objected to the size of cargo space and perplexing electronic controls, but the interior of BMW M3 is quite comfortable and exquisite. All in all, BMW M3 would prove to be everything and more you would expect from a BMW vehicle.

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