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BMW 3 Series Overview


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BMW is the most sparkled series that is known best for its services for 40 years. The BMW continuously produces some of the World most exciting and fascinating vehicles and there is no hesitations that why the Company had gained so much reputation. In the year of 1975 a BMW 3 series is introduced and for 40 years it is the perfect benchmark. It is the best styling vehicle that is very popular and has produced up till 3 different models, i.e., Turismo, Sports Wagon and also the Sedan. It is a very impressive series of the BMW and a compact one. The vehicle brings a new class and success in the firm of the BMW and the BMW trebled in the field of producing automobiles. Since May 1975, BMW 3 series has successfully evolved and produces around 6 different generations.


The latest model which is introduced in the year 2011 and debuted as an F30 went for the sale in an international market in 2012. The first one that was manufactured is saloon with an F30 which is followed by an automobile with a name Touring F31. At last, the other model introduced in the year 2013 with a name Gran Turismo F34. The coupe models is not available anymore because of the introduction of the 4 series lineup.

It has a beautiful sparkled engine with plenty of the highlighted features. It has a 6 cylinder engine with a turbo charged cylinder and an inline six Powertrain. The design of the engine of the latest model is really an exceptional one and it is readily available as a Hybrid model and sold as an Active Hybrid 3. The amount and the capacity that it can stand it around 2.5 to 3 liter and the turbo engine is attached with it and found as a MBW 335i. It is a dynamic edition by far and still many are looking to get an idea of the design of this wonderful featured vehicle.

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It is a high performance car and the international Word has approved it without any hesitation. The evolution of the MNW 3 series is the most intelligent approach to the engineering field and the weight distribution of the entire auto is an extraordinary point. BMW is known to be an imposing characteristic to and ensures a very good road handling. It has a rocket power and can reach the speed from 0 to 60 mph in about 4.8 seconds instant.


The prices of the BMW are worth every penny because of the quality and the design of this wonderful model. The three series has been introduced yet and all have the different prices. The sedan is the cheapest one with a price of  $ 32,950, whereas, the wagon BMW configuration model I an expensive one with a price of $ 41,950. So, it is always very good to buy the new model, as it has all the qualities of the previous model plus the extra innovation and technological factors.

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