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Audi TT A Small Two Door Sports Car


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For people who are looking for a car that packs elegance, performance and strong build in one compact package, Audi TT is the obvious choice. In the world where large branded cars are what everyone wants to have, this small Audi has somehow managed to establish an important position among the big tycoons of the car world. Although it is not as flashy as other supercars, it is also quite affordable.  It can cost you from 35,000 to 46,000 dollars, which when compare to other expensive cars is quite cheap. Some of the popular supercars may even cost you millions, but Audi TT is not only reasonably priced it comes with many cool features as well.

Audi TT (3)The Audi TT is characterized on basis of body styles. You can buy it in roadster or coupe body styles. The interior of the car is very luxurious and comfortable allowing you to have a relaxing ride in this amazing vehicle. This car contains the same smooth shift manual transmission which can be found in several latest sports cars.

Audi TT engineAudi TT engine

The new model of Audi TT which came out in 2008 went a complete makeover. This new model has a four-cylinder engine which can provide your vehicle with a lot of power that small cars don’t usually have. A lot of aluminum is used in the car’s body and other things because aluminum is a lightweight metal with numerous useful properties. The use of aluminum has helped to reduce the weight of this model compared with previous models.

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Like the previous models of Audi TT, the latest model also uses the same turbocharged four-cylinder engine or the V6. The new Audi TT with its advanced suspension feature and electronic assisted steering is much easier to handle the previous incarnations of the same car. Audi TT is the perfect vehicle for those people who would like to drive small comfy sports cars with the same cool features that some of the giant cars have. An Audi TT would be a great addition to your garage and would definitely get you a lot of praising looks from other drivers on the road.

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