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It is a wonderful car with an exotic style is the Audi R8. The R8 is known for its art and performance. It is really stylish and adorable and the three potent engines have the capacity to run at a very high speed. Audi is a luxurious and lavish type of coupe which is equipped very well from both inside and outside. It is merely a marvelous generation of Audi and they keep updating the style. The weight of this vehicle is lightweight and the engine attached is V8 430 HP power. There is no doubt that how this car will come, but one thing for sure that the vehicle is totally a lust.

AUDI R8 EngineAUDI R8 Engine

The engine is always concerned when the car is developed. The engine plays a vital role in giving car an innovative way of travelling. The Audi R8 was initially fitted out with a 4.2 liter V8 engine. 32 regulators in the automobile with an aluminum alloy and the 4 cylinder of petrol engine with an FSI and have a total displacement of 4,162 cm3. The automobile was established with an output power of 420 metric horsepower. The appliance has a twisting and torque of 430 Nm and it’s a super model car. The latest version has some of the modifications in the engine with a dry sump lubrication system and also in the inlet and exhaust camshafts. The motor is designed such that it transfers the power 30% to the front and 70% to rear wheel.


Without any doubt, the design of the Audi V8 is the best among all. The Engineering work in the automobile is totally exceptional. The LED daylight lights and the headlights are also of the LED, which will make the vision absolutely clear. The LED is designed such that it will make the unparalleled vision in the night absolutely visible. The lights serve as the double duty and works very well at night time.

Audi R8 (3)AUDI R8 PRICE

Audi is the best producing company and have had the versatility to produce some amazing vehicle. The prices of the Audi is expected to be high starting from $ 115,900 and depend upon the configuration and specification of the motor. One thing for sure that the design and the beauty of the Audi is mind blowing. Assuredly this delightful carriage will change your lifestyle. The new edition is just around the corner of the Audi and it is expected that the edition will be the best among all others.


The new and revolutionary style is being emerged in the Audi R8 with a switching blade. The new carved lines and new framework is the best thing added in the Audi. A vertical blades split the belt line and then provide an extension behind the window side.

So, looking forward to add his wonderful car? Then surely buy this if you can afford this because this is the best motor available. The ultimate settling, performance, reliability, road grip, control system, interior and exterior design with a powerful engine is the features of this automobile.

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