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The dynamic and the compact luxury vehicle with a lot of features is the Audi Q5. It is the best car introduced by the Audi and marketed in an international market since 2008. The company uses the platform of the Audi MLP and debuted in the year 2007 with an Audi A5 coupe. Since then, the automobile has made a significant contribution and have the smaller and larger cars with different varieties.

Audi Q5 (1)Audi Q5 CONCEPT

The concept of the vehicle is a bit complicated to understand because of the innovative and advanced engineering work with other supported technologies. The concept was first picked up from the upcoming motor of Q5. The automobile contains of a 3.0 TDI engine with a 2 door adaptable. It has a torque of about 500 N.m and have the PS of about 240 with a Quattro four wheel. The automobile is known for its 8 transmission automatic speed and also the LED headlights. The vehicle is completely a treat to drive and no wonder that why people love to drive Audi Q5. It has a 21 inch wheel and the tires of the Audi Q5 is with 265/35r21. The sound and the radio system in the Audi is an amazing one with a CDC and the shock absorbers and also the electric ride with a wonderful engineered height adjustment. It also comprises of a 6 piston aluminium front and the rear calipers.


The hybrid model is considered to the best among other models. It offers with a name Q5 and launched with it and later it is suspended  due to the Nickel metal hydride batteries. Though, in the year 2009, the Audi restarted their work on the Q5 hybrid and developed the best vehicle among others. It has a 1.3 kW and the battery pack in it with an electric range and the electric speed of 100 km/h.

Audi Q5 (3)Audi Q5 ENGINE SPECS

The engine of the latest hybrid model is an exceptional one and no wonder that why it gained so much reputation in an international market. The engine is an SQD based and have a 3.0 TFSI Quattro; The POS of this attractive model is 354 and have a capability of 2995 cc with a V6 boosted. The auto also consists of a torque of 470 N.m and has a dynamic acceleration.

The system of the Audi Q5 has really allowed the instinctively management of the overall vehicle. There is quite a reason that you should purchase this car as it is one of the fastest travelling and the comfortable one. The system of the motor with a navigation system and the intuitiveness and the overall elegance really makes it a piece of gold for the drives. Audi Q5 (2)Well, if you intend to buy a fast and the type of sports vehicle then there is none better than the Audi Q5.  It will provide you with a dynamic and fast ride for sure and you will love the interior and exterior of the motor. The design of the car is made with an exceptional care and surely you should drive this beautiful piece of Audi once.

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