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Audi A5 Prices, Reviews and Pictures


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One of the wonderful cars in today’s World is the Audi A5. The Audi is known to be one of the best vehicle companies and has been known for producing an exceptional model. A motor is a compact executive and very strong in design and engine wise. The Audi is the well-versed German company that is producing the automobile since 2007. The Audi is an amazing Company for producing a powerful sports motor that can run at a very high speed and travel longer distances in a very less time. The generation overview of the vehicle is a four door that is a hatchback type and a roof with a steep rear window.


Audi A5 (4)Audi A5 rear view

The Audi A5 is the confront convention and the performance is put in an exceptional limits. The wonderful motor with an amazing Engineering work with efficient performance. The technology used in the vehicle is an innovative one and technology enables the drivers to anticipate. The Audi A5 is designed with such capacity that it can able to resist the wind. The work is the true engineering work and really captures the attention of World most renowned companies.


The latest and the limited version of the Audi A5 are introduced in the year 2011. The new model of the automobile is also known as the Audi RS5 DTM. It is a type of a touring vehicle that is manufactured by the AG German manufacturers. The design of the motor is developed by the Wolfgang Dürheimer.

This is a special version car that is produced in a very limited scale, i.e., only 300 units. The engine of the automobile really captures the attention of the international buyers. It comprises of a 4 engines that has a 130 KW power and has a 2.0 TDI Quattro and also a 3.0 TFSI Quattro. The engine also consists of a camshaft and the 4.0 L V8. The valve is attached to a vehicle that is used to have 4 valves in a single cylinder. The horsepower of the Audi is 500 approximately and have the torque of around 500 N.m. Isn’t it is incredible? Yes, it is. No doubt, that’s why the value of the vehicle is so much on top, as it is known for providing top quality with efficiency.

Audi A5 (1)Audi A5 – DESIGN

The design of the vehicle is amazing and it challenges the World renowned car. The interior design indicates the effectiveness and the reliability with an aesthetic design and the tactile feel. The level of precision is very high and applied to all parts and this really makes it a piece of diamond for the Audi lovers. The exterior design appears to be uniting the phenomena of art and engineering. The distinctive LED running lights and the visible engine of the RB really trebled the automobile. The interior and exterior design speaks for itself.

So, you intend to buy the beautiful limited edition vehicle? Then, Audi A5 will be one of the best options in terms of precision, reliability, efficiency and performance.

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