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Audi A3 Specification, Price, Pictures


Audi A3 (3)

Audi A3 Review

The Audi is the world most famous car and without any doubt has touched the sky. The vehicle richly deserved all the credit with an exceptional featuring design and performance. The Audi A3 is the award winning auto and filled with a luxury and compatibility. The performance of the car and the adaptability is an impressive one and leaves a very big impression.


Audi A3 (1)The Audi A3 is the best car to drive in a longer route. The auto will provide you with a premium finish and the distinctive lighting. The body of the vehicle is like a sleek lines and the bold exterior makes it even more delightful to the eyes. No hesitation, it is the best featured car and admires by a global World. The Audi is the finest comfort car with a wonderful Engineering work and known to be a premium auto of Audi. Audi A3 (2)The Audi A3 is very light in weight and can go long distances in a very small time. The efficiency of the Audi is a treat to watch and have an imperative impression.

Audi A3 ENGINE Details

The engine and the performance of the auto is the main difference in the versions. The Audi is known to innovate their vehicle in many ways and it is good to see the major difference in the engine. Audi A3 (4)The up-to-date Audi A3 model has a turbo diesel engine with a gasoline engine tank in it. Though, the sedan does not have a diesel chug in it and also no smoke. The Horsepower is about 150 and the Torque ranges to236 foot pounds. There is one drawback in the vehicle that when you press the accelerator first time than the car feels like a stagger. With exclusion to little stumble, the engine of the automobile is an extraordinary one and best for the drivers. The explosion of the Audi is an incredible one when driving on a thruway because it provides you with a full range of charging performance and the variable performance.

Audi A3 (3)Audi A3 PRICES

The Audi is a reasonable value car. Though, one can afford it if belongs to the middle class. There are two types of Audi A3 that is available in the market. One is convertible and one is a sedan. The prices of the sedan and the convertible are about $29,900 and $35,600 respectively. The vehicle is a classic example of a complete automobile and deserves the entire compliment.


The design is also a very important part of the vehicle as it provides it with a look and appearance. The car is a Germanic root with a simple and slight elegant design. The seat is black and made up of leather and the roof is also lined with an aluminum trim with a dash in it and the air vents. In short, it is a complete package of reflective glare and the brilliant example of engineering work.

So, looking for a fast auto with longer range? Then, purchase the Audi A3 without any second thoughts. It is good for an individual and also good for the family.

    Audi A3 (5) Audi A3 (6)Audi A3 side view Audi A3 (7) Audi A3 (8)Audi A3 black Audi A3 (9)Audi A3 white front view Audi A3 (10)Audi A3 red

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