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Acura RDX Review


Acura RDX (2)


Don’t you intend to drive like a boss? Then Acura RDX is the best choice for you to purchase. It is the vehicle that is made with an extra care and have an advanced and the well versed features installed in it. It is the luxury crossover SUV with an MDX as an entry level. The Acura RDX is originated from the RD-X concept automobile. The manufacturing of the Acura RDX is done and it is introduced for the first time in New York in the year 2006. This was the very big achievement for the Auto show and went to the sale on the August 2006. Then another innovation with a face-lifted model is done and it is sold in the year 2009. The vehicle also includes the front wheel drive.

Acura RDX (3)The second generation of the Acura RDX was introduced in the year 2012 in the region of North America. It is revealed in the Auto show and go on to a sale in April. It is known to be a very good automobile with a good performance. It is much better than the first generation auto and produce great quality speed with a wonderful design and the face-lift. The color of the vehicle is available in multiple color and the engine is a very good one. The engine consists of a 4 chambers with a 3.5 liter V6 and has a 6 transmission automatic. It is well improved auto with a improve mileage and a combined variable displacement. The vehicle is very good to run on a longer distances and can travel at the rate of notches.

The Acura RDX is the car with a tri angle camera do the perfect display setting and the keyless entry is also enabled in it. Wonderful to find that how such vehicle can have so many features, but it is true and it also comprises of a Bluetooth for the free calling and the Pandora as well. When talking about the technological factor of the RDX, then it has the power tailgate and the 60 gigabyte hard disc with a wonderful system of navigation and the 8 inch screen that will enable you to see the music. The capacity to be stored in around 15 GB.


With an elegant design and the combination of some of the essential components the Acura RDX becomes the compliant ride automobile with a standard front and the all wheel drive option. The ride of this wonderful vehicle is like a sporty one and also it is known to be a very good fuel efficient auto.

The RDX offers an elegant design combined with a compliant ride that can take whatever the road might toss at it. The RDX services a 3.5-liter V-6 and a six-speed instinctive with normal front- or optional all-wheel drive. Ride and management are far from active, but the straight – line presentation is good, and cylinder deactivation contributes to decent oil economy. A newfangled RDX is due this mechanism, so look for deals on 2015 models. Just recognize that the 2016 RDX seems much enhanced, so wait if you can.

Acura RDX 2016Acura RDX MODEL 2016

The new model of the Acura RDX is around the corner. It will be introduced soon with a name of 2016 RDX. The place that the new Acura will be launched is in the Chicago Auto show and for sure it will be the best automobile in the Acura list.

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