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The 2015 GMC Acadia is a new large and affordable SUV model produced by GM. The GMC Company has been working to build comfortable and impressive trucks for years. This year GMC is back with GMC Acadia for making family travel quite easier and comfortable. It looks like a minivan and can accommodate about 8 passengers. It has got 3 rows for passengers. It has got very appealing and impressive looks. Hence, GMC is one of the best coupes in the market available these days worldwide.

GMC Acadia Design:

The 2015 GMC Acadia has been designed while considering the family members’ requirements, their flexibility and comfort. The design is quite stylish. All the safety and technology requirements have been fulfilled while making this model. Professional engineers have worked on this model. GMC Acadia fulfills all the requirements of lightening by featuring the tail, head and fog lamps. Its exterior has been wrapped with rear glass which makes it look clean and beautiful. Overall, design rating is good according to analyst. It has gigantic look which would appeal your eyes in first look.

GMC Acadia (2)GMC Acadia Technology:

This model features all latest and great technologies like great touch controls, Color touch radio along with Intelink, etc. It features Rear Vision Camera which gives you clear view. The Color touch radio along with Intelink gives access to amazing features like voice control, Bluetooth hands free connectivity, Radio, smartphone integration, etc. Color Touch Navigation with Intelink technology gives you access to great many features which include traffic updates, weather news, map views, etc. There is no doubt that, GMC is fully equipped with latest and advance technologies due to which they facilitate their customers at most. You will truly enjoy the ride with an ease.

GMC Acadia (3)GMC Acadia Performance:GMC Acadia engine

The GMC Acadia features traction control technology which manages and controls the brakes and throttle in order to ensure safety of the driver and passengers. Another feature of GMC Acadia, namely All Wheel Drive (AWD) allows you to help you with the driving conditions. The model features an amazing efficient 3.6L V6 engine with 281 horsepower @6300 rpm which ensures the fastest performance along with safer and smooth ride. In short, the overall performance rate of GMC is truly astonishing.

GMC Acadia (5)GMC Acadia Price and Availability:

The 2015 GMC Acadia is available at a very affordable price of $33,975. The 2015 GMC Acadia is available in interior colors including black and gray. For the exterior colors of the model, black, beige, red, blue, gray, purple, silver and white colors are available. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates on 2015 GMC Acadia.

If you really want to buy some remarkable piece of coupe then this would be your perfect choice, GMC 2015 is available in market. The price range is affordable for a common man, you should try this once.

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