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Hummer H3 Review, Prices, Engine Specifications And Pictures

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The hummer is known to produce a type of mini trucks that is weird in shape and size. However, it is loved by many people due to its altered shape. It is a sport efficacy car. The coup was being developed since 2005 and continued up till 2010. The initial model of the Hummer is based on the Chevrolet Colorado and also on the GMC Canyon. The Hummer H3 was a small truck among all the previous models and constructed by the GM. The Hummer H3 is obtainable either in the form of a mid size SUV or in the form of a mid-size pickup which is usually known as the H3T.

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The Hummer H3 is launched with an ability of 3.5 liter and has a rotating cylinder of L52 engine. The torque produced is 305 N.m and it has a standard 5 speed manual transmission. The auto is known for its good capacity and ability to run on off road. Later, the new model was introduced in the year 2007 and the capacity increased to 3.7 liter that can produce about 242 jhp and have a torque of 328 N.m. The final model of the H3 is the best among all and have the capacity of 5.3 liter LH8 and also can able to produce around 300 hp. It is a V8 engine and have a torque of 430 N.m. The latest version of the Hummer had a low fuel economy. The auto can run on any track with a strong and powerful tires and body. Hummer offers a very worthy mileage.


The capacity of the Hummer H3 is exceptional. It is featured with a two speed and has a four wheel drive system. The Hummer is a fully controlled automobile with a wonderful ability to go at full flow for both off road and also on the on the road. One can use the automatic option to electronically lock the vehicle and this is elective. The Hummer also has an astonishing ability to drive in water to a depth of 24 inches. Incredible ability to drive in the water is not available in many automobiles, but the Hummer is a standard one which can travel. It has a brilliant road grip and can travel steep slope very easily.

The Hummer is an electronic very stable control auto and has a brake controlled by a traction regulator. The automobile is also comprised of an anti-lock which is in the four wheel brakes and the anchors are also attached to the seats.

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The prices of Hummer H3 vary from low to high. Visibly, it will depend on the model and the specification of the Hummer. The values vary from $ 28,936 to $ 61,595. Assuredly, you can buy the up-to-date model if you can afford it because it is very good in performance, reliability and road grip. Hummer H3 has gained a lot of reputation in an international market and the people love to see some change in the features. The Hummer is perfect for it and you will surely love the ride.

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