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Ford Escape – Price, Pictures, & Specs

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The Ford Escape is a type of vehicle that is big is size and shape. It is also known as a compact vehicle that is manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. The Ford already made three successful generations of Ford Escape. The motor is one of the best American selling and have the best review among other cars. The SUV design in the ford is an exceptional feature that really captures the attention of the buyers.


The ford automobile is the best when talking about the styling and comfort zones. The car is a perfect combination of styling with a four wheel drive capability. The characteristics of the Ford Escape are always known to be the adorable one and it is a mid-size car with versatile comfort. If you intend to drive off road, then this is the best grip car that has a considerable weight. The motor is designed such that it can escape and afford any type of uncertainty. It is a complete booster and a perfect one for the family and also for an individual.

Ford Escape engineFORD ESCAPE ENGINE

The engine of any car is an important part of it. The escape has a great engine which has four cylinders and has a horsepower of 153. The engine is a V6 with a four speed automatic transmission. The power trains are also attached with it. Due to the power trains the cylinders can generate up to 171 HP and also can pump about 240 hp. The fifth manual speed can be achieved by using an XLS; however, it is a complete rarity because he motor can reach up to a six speed automatic. The latest model of the Ford Escape consists of a hybrid version engine, which is proved to the best when going on a long drive.


The price of the Ford is always very reasonable when comparing with the other vehicles. The motor is beautiful from both interior and exterior. The design of the car is such that it has the affinity to attract the buyer toward it. The price of the wonderful Ford Escape automobile varies from $ 23,000 to $ 31,428. The third generation of the Ford is the most successful one which is introduced in the year 2012. The third generation of the vehicle has made quite an inroad since 2012 and no doubt the prices are quite high for this generation.

So, if you intend to buy a cheap and a perfect car for yourself or for your family, then buy the Ford Escape. The automobile has a lot of capacity and you can travel through longer routes with it. The new improved capacity of the engine with the Hybrid model and the 3 liter V6 engine makes it an incredible model. You will surely love to drive this wonderful and exciting vehicle. The new generation of the Ford is very good in the area of aerodynamics. The engine is an Eco base and has the power to reach up till 6 speed transmission.

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