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Jeep Grand Cherokee Review

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This is not a type of car you need for racing, but this type of car weight a lot and have a very good balance. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a vehicle that is big is size and appeared to be a mid-size SUV. The Jeep is fashioned by the American company Chrysler. They are the best company in producing such types of jeep. Some of the trucks are also manufactured with a body frame type construction. The body of the vehicle is unique and attractive. It is the best car, if considering a mediocre size with available facilities.


The Cherokee originated in the year 1983. The starting of this vehicle took place when the AMC was designed to tackle the small automobile of the Jeep Cherokee. There are about 3 other designers that participated in the contract and with their assistance the company able to reach the height of success. In the year 1989 the concept of the Jeep introduced for the first time and the basic design came across. Consequently, the Chrysler started to make contribution in the field of the jeep by producing some of the best automobile with an exceptional quality.


The best generation is the fourth one, which is also the up-to-date. The model was introduced in the year 2010. The fourth generation of the jeep Grand Cherokee is the best among other generation because of the classic style and the sleek body with modern and innovative equipment. The interior of the motor is amazing and have an exceptional luxurious item. The car is manufactured by the professionals and the art work with the electronic option is very good. The Jeep Grand Cherokee won around 30 awards for its capacity, capability, performance, value, luxury and also the safety. The track is designed with immense care and safety is very important in view of Chrysler.


The engine of the Jeep is a pent star with a capacity of 3.6 Liter and includes the Hemi V8 engine. It’s able to retain the MDS and shut the 4 cylinders if the car is not travelling at a high speed. The V8 is also attached with an automatic transmission which assists the range to work manual Electronic range selection (ERS). The weight of the latest model is measured to be 7400 pounds, which is approximately equal to 3400 kg for Hemi models and for the pent star models this weight is about 5000 pounds (2300 kg).


The price of the Grand Jeep is very reasonable. The capacity of the vehicle is big and it can afford plenty of weight in comparison to other carriage. This car is best when considering it in view of family or even work. The price of the Jeep is varied from $ 30,000 to $ 50,000. Obviously, it totally depends upon the type of model and facilities you intend to have in the car.

So, purchase this remarkable truck type car and enjoy the wonderful on and off road ride with plenty of other facilities.

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