Honda Pilot (12)

Honda pilot towing capacity 2015 price and mpg

Honda pilot is a well-known vehicle that is a mid-size SUV truck and developed by the Honda. The Honda pilot was first introduced in the year 2002 with the support of the North America market. 2015 honda pilot msrp $31467 to  $34000.It is the largest and the biggest SUV in the Honda vehicle that has the three-row seating’s and produced in Allston, Ontario. The first generation was released in the year 2002 with a model of 2003. The Powertrain of the pilot is shared with an Acura MDX and also with an Odyssey minivan and Accord. The car is of perfect shape with a platform and the uni-body and the independent suspension. honda pilot dimensions is  length of 190.9 in, a width of 78.5 in, a height of 71.0 in.The suspension enables the vehicle to provide a stable handling and also fortified with a perimeter frame rails.

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Porsche Cayman (5)

Porsche Cayman One Of The Best Sports Cars

The wonderful and exciting vehicle with a name Porsche Cayman is a treat to drive. The Porsche is known to produce some of the World famous automobiles and without any doubt it has reached the peak point. It is a type of car which usually consists of a rear mid-engine with a rear-wheel drive and has a sports car look with a 2 seat available to sit. The vehicle is proudly introduced by the Porsche AG Company, a German brand and the first ever model of Porsche is launched in the year 2006. Then later the second and the third generation introduced with a Boxster Automotive. The Porsche is held by the person with a name Holger P. Haerter. Continue reading

Audi A5 (5)

Audi A5 One Of Best Selling Cars By Audi Since 2007

One of the wonderful cars in today’s World is the Audi A5. The Audi is known to be one of the best vehicle companies and has been known for producing an exceptional model. A motor is a compact executive and very strong in design and engine wise. The Audi is the well-versed German company that is producing the automobile since 2007. It is an amazing Company for producing a powerful sports motor that can run at a very high speed and travel longer distances in a very less time. The generation overview of the vehicle is a four door that is a hatchback type and a roof with a steep rear window. Continue reading